Sunday, July 10, 2016

Help us support your Junior Rodders! We teach em young to care about Ol Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe custom cars! Then they grow up to read our magazines.... Be there!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

RodzDeluxe Gals

Koolhouse Publishing sponsors an all girls little league team known as the Del Rays.

Research proves that mentoring or sponsoring  kids before the age of 12  in any event that involves hand and eye coordination makes for brighter, happier individuals overall.

Rodz Deluxe gals are everywhere!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Car Triva

New York City car parking circa 1930s. A novel idea but we bet you're glad your hot rod isnt parked like this! Meanwhile, subscribe to Ol Skool Rodz Magazine and you will never get backed up standing in line at the newsstand again!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

12 Awesome Cars with Whitewalls, Courtesy of Coker Tire

Fat or thin whitewalls on bias ply, balloon or radial tires…Americans love them. We put them on everything from classics, to concours and custom cars too.  Big Thanks to our advertiser Coker Tire for helping motorists cruise the highways in style.  Here’s a selection of 12 cars that look better in their whitewalls. Enjoy! See: Coker Tire @

1955-57 Chevy BelAir, 59 Cadillac, 55 Buick, 55-57 TBird, 37-41 Packard, 54 Ford Ranch Wagon, Ford Model A, Custom Mercury, GM Futureliner, Duesenberg, Corvette, 55-57 Continental Mark II and dont forget your car too!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kustom Kulture Kool

Robert Williams loves our RodzDelxue Gals Hailey Rose (L) and Alysa Allure (R). 2016 Grand National Roadster Show.

Friday, February 12, 2016


With so many beautiful customs and show rods debuting at local events, we decided to pick our Favorite 10 from the Grand National Roadster Show and call them the KOOLHOUSE KOOL 10. While some of these dont fit the criteria of our magazine, we still thought they were KOOLHOUSE KOOL and deserve a mention.  The cars that do fit our criteria (pre 1968) will be seen in the pages of our two magazines: OL SKOOL RODZ & CAR KULTURE DELUXE. Watch for it!

Thank you to all the owners and  automotive industry professionals who dedicate their time and efforts to keep these beauties on the road and away from the crusher. We appreciate YOU!

Check these babies out: from gasser pedal cars to Mickey Thompson's Vette to the Hetfield/Dore/De Lay "Aquarius" to a unique VW bug with a trailer. Mighty fine, mighty fine....indeed! Watch for full show coverage in the next issue of CAR KULTURE DELUXE MAGAZINE!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ol Skool Rodz #75, traditional rods, rats, greasers, tech, shows, clubs, bobbers. Need we say more?

Oh what titallating tales we have for you in issue 75 of Ol SKOOL RODZ Magazine. Lots of show coverage in this one!   Get yours now before they disappear off the news stand.  Better yet, subscribe now and never miss an issue ever again!  Hot tip: Watch for our annual T&A issue coming next. Dont wanna miss that one. Its a keeper! Remember Ol Skool Rodz Magazine: its the one stop spot for all traditional rods, rats, greasers, tech, shows, clubs & bobbers. Need we say more?