Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rodz Delxue Gal: Ashley

Meet Ashley Badass, our Rodz Deluxe Gal of the Day. We like her.
Age: 17, Occupation: Model/ Actress

Looking for: Modeling, singing, or acting jobs
Sign: Badass, Statistics: Dangerous curves
Body Mods: tattoo and piercings, Favorite Band: Memphis May Fire, Asking Alexandria, Tech N9ne, Hollywood Undead, Vices: naughty clothing, dirty dancing, scrappy.
Makes Me Laugh: crazy & silly things or accents.
3 things I cant live without: Friends, family, and animals
I wish for: To have a happy and accomplished life, and all animal abuse to end.
Favorite Animal: Wild cats, horses, Dogs/ wolves.
Favorite flower: Lillys and Roses.
Favorite Vintage Car: Mustang
Famous Last Words: I may be down, but I am not out!

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