Thursday, January 2, 2014

Asteroid Vette

In case you havent heard, we got the scoop on the restored Nordskog-Barris built Asteroid Vette as seen in Car Kulture Deluxe #62 page 30.  This stunning show car was designed as an all around racecar, show car and street car and is an iconic example of customized Vettes that was also seen on the album cover of Jan & Dean's Drag City. Gracing the hood is our equally stunning model, Laurel Rose.  We shot the car at the famous custom paint and body shop, Theatrical Autobody, that was formerly owned by Larry Watson and is now owned by Fidel Pananguia.  A team of 12 helped restore the car at Desert Autobody in Arizona and the car will be auctioned in January at the Barrett-Jackson sale.  Get your peek of the Vette in the current issue before its gone. Enjoy. Pix by Mike Basso/Styling by Anna Marco.


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    1. The only way this could be improved is is Anna Marco was the model as well.

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