Monday, June 9, 2014

Stanley Mouse-Hot Rod Artist

As a kid growing up in the Detroit area during the sixties, you really had to be a recluse to not know who Stanley Mouse was. 

Mouse's artistic impact on the latter half of the 20th Century's cultural landscape cannot be denied. His visual influence in the context of Post WWII youth culture is immeasurable, and has now settled into mythic status. In the realm of Kustom Kuture, he is a founding titan. He literally put a face on Rock and Roll, and in the world of marketing and merchandising, he recognized very early on that people would wear alternative imagery on the fronts of their shirts, the ultimate Post Modern canvas. 

Unfortunately for Mouse, it was those who came after him that seemed to get all of the glory. Household names like Ed "Big Daddy" Roth in the hot rod genre or his dear friend, Rick Griffin, who took the concert poster aesthetic that Mouse and his creative partner, Alton Kelly pioneered- to new heights, seemed over time to have taken the wind out Mouse’s seminal importance. Undaunted by this fact, we at CAR KULTURE DELUXE MAGAZINE  honored Stanley Mouse with an art feature reminding everyone that  this Mouse was the most important Mouse of all. As creator of Grateful Dead posters, he is the Mouse that roars!

To hell with Rat Fink, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mighty Mouse and Mouseketeers, its Stanley Mouse that truly Rocks! (and rolls).  ZOOM! ©2014 all artwork by Stanley Mouse. No reprint without permission. See:

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