Monday, August 4, 2014

Cool Celebrity Custom Cars

Most celebrities own exotic supercars but the smartest ones own one off custom cars. Those folks get our vote for bucking the trend and being a badass Hopefully we will be able to feature some of these in Ol Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe Magazines one day...

Cadzilla 1949 Cadillac. Celebrity Owner: Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top.  Created by late hot rod designer extraordinaire, Boyd Coddington and Cadillac designer Larry Erikson, the Cadzilla is one of the most coveted one-off customs and most popular selling hot rod poster of all time. Owner is  ZZ Top front man Billy Gibbons and the car has a 500 hp motor and a matching Harley called Hogzilla. An enterprising fan created a pedal car called Kidzilla in honor of the car.

1934 Lincoln Model 40 Special Speedster. Celebrity Owner: Edsel Ford (deceased).   Edsel Ford's personal (and very one-off) speedster was an absolute show-stopper back in its day. Designed by Ford's chief designer E.T. Gregorie, the model 40 was inspired by fighter jets and took over a year to complete. We only wish we could get some seat time in this beast.

Moal Roadster.  Celebrity Owner: Tim Allen, comedian.  Legendary coach-builder Steve Moal crafted this custom rod for funnyman Tim Allen in the late 90s. Everything - and we mean everything - was handcrafted in Moal's state-of-the-art California workshop.
Beatnik 1955 Ford Radical Custom.  Celebrity Owner: Barry Weiss, actor.  It's called the "BEATNIK" and was built by hot rod builder Gary Chopit. It started out as a 1955 Ford and then was transformed into the world's largest bubble top custom car.... much like the original Beatnik Bandit. It features a Cadillac front end, a futuristic interior and an exposed engine. The body is completely metal and the car took 3 years to build.
Custom Car Collection (Tank Car seen here). Celebrity Owner-Jay Leno, Comedian.  Jay owns everything and that makes him a badass plain and simple. Nothing more needs to be said. 200 cool cars of various styles is impressive no matter what they are.

Ford Hot Rods. Celebrity Owner-Jeff Beck, guitarist. Jeff Beck loves old Ford hot rods and we love him for that.

Custom Lowriders. Celebrity Owner-Snoop Dogg, Rap artist.
This rapper is a hardcore lowrider fan and also dabbles in custom bicycles. His car style is befitting of his image.

#1 Cool Guy. Steve McQueen, Actor/Racer
We love Steve McQueen no matter he drives. He had a collection of the best including a sleeper 1954 Hudson Wasp, a customized XKSS Jaguar, various Indian motorcycles and a fastback Mustang. McQueen is the man!

Enjoy The Ride

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