Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Car Collectors: United We Stand

The Association of California Car Clubs (ACCC) forms the bridge between the automotive enthusiast and Calif. State elected officials to protect and preserve the collectible automobile hobby. Article 8.3, Section 5050. of the California Vehicle Code, authored by the ACCC, states:
"The legislature finds and declares that constructive leisure pursuits by California citizens is most important. This article is intended to encourage responsible participation in the hobby of collecting, preserving, restoring, and maintaining motor vehicles of historical and special interest, which hobby contributes to the enjoyment of the citizens and the preservation of California automotive memorabilia."
The ACCC are a volunteer organization with regional representatives supporting the interests of individual members and member car clubs across the state of California. The ACCC consists of thousands of automobile hobbyists throughout the state who are interested in California laws and policies regarding collector automobiles and contribute to the protection of the car hobby by staying informed of the latest legislative issues.  The ACCC Board of Directors, serve without pay and are elected from the pool of active auto enthusiasts in California.
The ACCC newsletter notifies items of interest to all car owners including links to important governmental agencies and current issues affecting the vintage car hobby. If you know of an issue that you feel car collectors should know about, please submit it to their ACCC webmaster for consideration for inclusion on their site at: 
Ol Skool Rodz & Car Kulture Deluxe Magazines encourages California hotrodders to join the ACCC to protect the collector car hobby for that State because we love and support the preservation of vintage vehicles worldwide. For more info see:

Meanwhile see our current feature on the Loco Banditos Car Club by Anna Marco in Ol 
Skool Rodz #68, March 2015.

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