Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Art of Rick Wilson

Art © 2014 Rick Wilson

Nostalgic automobiles are at the heart of Rick Wilson’s drawings.

Shades of Gray
Growing up in Long Beach, California Rick Wilson’s automotive subject matter began at age five and as a teen; he would bicycle to speed shops in Compton, Bellflower and Lynwood. Today, fine-point pens, #2 pencils, rulers, architect templates, and creating black and white artwork formatted on 11”x 17” heavy stock is what he loves most.

All Drawn Out
None of Rick’s artwork is computer generated and artists Steve Sanford, Darryl Mayabb, Dave Bell, BoMonster, Ed Tillrock, and Tom Medley inspire him.  He has spent dozens of hours walking car shows commissioning clients and has completed work for Gene Winfield, Ed Iskendarian, Tom Ivo, Tom McEwen, Richard Zocchi, Frank Livingston, Bud Millard, Joe Schubeck, Junior Conway, Peep Jackson, Darryl Starbird, the Warren-Coburn-Miller families. He has designed T-Shirt art, show boards, promo art for commercial companies, editorial illustrations, insurance company flyers and ads, and concept cars. His art is steeped in nostalgia and clients request subject matter from the 1970’s and earlier. He has over 400 art images posted on two websites (one dedicated just to racing) and has participated in several displays in Las Vegas. Future plans include exhibitor booths at the Grand National Roadster Show, the Sacramento Autorama, the Portland Roadster Show, GoodGuys, NSRA, and other events.

Auto Influences
Rick has a personal history with famous car and racer owners. Over the years, he has acquired 60 show awards & was ISCA Van Champion. He founded the 400 member Nor-Cal Gang in 1987, the 4350 member Western Vehicle Assn. and Pacific Customs (1989-95.) Rick loves any 1936 Ford, 1941 Chevy, 1949-51 Ford or Merc, 1955-57 Fords, Chevy pickups or Indian motorcycles and  states, “the Ray Cress19 56 Merc by Riley Collins and Junior Conway’s shoebox 1949 Ford coupe are favorites since I saw both being built in the 1950’s.”

Affordable Artwork
Rick sells his prints for $1.00 off his websites and will do commissioned work for $45 per view joking, “My commission rate and my print sale rate are both the lowest anywhere in the entire world.” See: or