Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking a Wheel Stand

Lets face it, wheels are a basic element to the profile of your custom car, truck or bike. Fads come and go but we editors at Ol Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe Magazines seriously consider what rims you're running on your car if we are going to feature it in the pages of our magazines. It will make or break a decision.

We prefer the classic/custom look...check out the difference with these sample shots of oversized wheels (top)  vs. custom (bottom) wheels on cars/bikes and you will see why.  If your eye is going straight to the wheel, then its the wrong one for the vehicle.  Wheels are meant to accent or enhance the bodyline and overall styling of a vehicle, not detract from it. Compare the first Motorcycle (Orange) to the second one (Silver)--the second one retains an extreme rake, stretched frame and cropped seat. Visually the bike flows and the wheels dont detract, whereas the first bike (orange) is heavy in the front and looks hard to steer.

We all have our opinions of whats cool here at Koolhouse but we vote for tradional classic styling, safety and driveability when it comes to wheels and tires on any mode of transportation.  The next two photos depict a purple "donk" car with oversized wheels which make the vehicle look like an alien 4x4. The 50" wire rim is just unsafe and a waste of money--try getting cornering and stopping ability from that one.

The next two photos depict a traiditonal and balanced hot rod and the Deora, an extreme radical custom built in the Sixties. Notice that the wheels dont detract from the chopped bodylines of either car. Even actress Rita Hayworth ran traditional white walls on her custom Cadillac (last photo.)

Sorry folks,  but Big Wheels are for  kids toys.  Meanwhile, dont even get us started on blackwalls vs. whitewalls or steering wheels because thats a whole other rant....


  1. Even if I'm Asian, I really admire the hot rod and kustom scene! Keep tinkering those nuts and bolts!

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