Monday, March 23, 2015


"Wild" Bill Carter painted some of the most beautiful vehicles in motorsports from custom cars to drag racing and also drove for many top teams, including TV's Dan Haggerty (of  TVs “Grizzly Adams” fame.) 

Bill began his career as a youngster painting a 1956 Buick  that he striped in a garage and would eventually paint everything from Airplanes to Wheelstanders. He later became the protégé of Larry Watson and is the only person known to have the secret formulas to iconic Watson paint jobs memorized.  It was Larry Watson who coined the nickname "Wild Bill" because Bill would not only paint dragsters but race them. 

Today, Wild Bill Carter is sought out for striping, overlays, pearl bases, candy overlays and  color arrangements which are is key factors on custom paint job and he is the go to guy for wild 60s paint schemes. Recently his retro Lavendar paint job for Brent Rogers custom motorcycle aced top awards in the USA and Japan. 

Ol Skool Rodz Magazine featured a career retrospective of Wild Bill in the pages of our publication and we are proud to show you two recent helmets he created for our staff (if you're lucky enough to collect and acquire Wild Bill items then you've totally scored!).  Bill Carter originally painted the famed “Snake” theme for legendary drag racer Don Prudomme is currently slated to paint another project for him in the coming months. Watch for it here. Zoom! (photos courtesy of Anna Marco)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

12 Things You Learn from Motorcycles

We love vintage bobbers and choppers here at Koolhouse and you will see them in the pages of Ol Skool Rodz Magazine. Meanwhile, thanks to Steve Rebuck for teaching us 12 Things About Motorcycles that everyone should know. We celebrate the wind and two wheels with a lovely photo of Michelle by Belgium Lion Photography on Manu Muller's Night River Bang Bang. See that feature in a back issue of Ol Skool Rodz at Enjoy!

12 Things You Learn From Motorcycles:
1.The best view of a thunderstorm is in your rear view mirror
2.Four wheels move the body but two wheels move the soul
3. You can think about God on the back of a motorcycle just as easy as you can sit in church and think about the motorcycle
4. Life may begin at 30 but it doesnt get interesting until about 95 mph.
5. Bugs at midnight taste the same as bugs at Noon.
6. Sometimes it takes a whole tank of gas before you can think straight.
7. A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.
8. Young riders pick a destination and go, old riders pick a direction and go.
9. When youre riding lead...dont spit.
10. Catching a wasp in your shirt at 75 mph will double your vocabulary
11. Rarely will you see a motorcycle parked outside a shrink's office
12. Bikers know why dogs stick their head out the window.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rodz Deluxe Gal: Cindy Jo

Cast your eyes upon this lovely lass, one of our favorite Rodz Deluxe Gals here at Koolhouse Publishing. Her name is Cindy Jo and you can see more of her in our issue featuring "Barnacle Phil's Torpedo", a custom 1940 Chevy Special Deluxe coupe belonging Phil Jennemann.  The former gasser received a 6" chop among other tricks before being converted to a cruiser.  Did you know a torpedo is also called an "automobile" in mariner terminology?  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blown Away

Its time again for the pilgrimage to Hot Rod Mecca also known as the March Meet at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA. Every configuration of wheeled terror from nice to nasty will be there. Folks descend upon the track from all over... the United States and worldwide too! In anticipation of drag racing madness, we bring you a selection of cool and unusual blown vehicles because theres more to life than 1955-57 Chevy's and we gearheads at OL SKOOL RODZ MAGAZINE like one-off hotrods.  See you March 4-8, 2015 at the racetrack (

(Below: Tinman II Kustoms 1963 Plymouth Valinet, 528 Hemi, Blown and running on alcohol with 2500 HP. Took 30 years to get it right.)

(Middle:  1969 208S Mercedes Benz with gobs of power has a 7L small block under the hood! Runs Modified Street Class)

(Bottom: Blown 1968 Dodge Dart. Wish you could hear it whine!)