Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Art of Jeff Meyers, Modern Artifacts

Modern-Artifacts Builds Unique Interactive Neon Sculptures for 
World of Speed Museum.

Portland, OR. — Modern-Artifacts, creators of industrial, three-dimensional sculptures is excited to announce the inclusion of three of its “Pop-Art” pieces in the new World of Speed museum, Wilsonville, Oregon.

“We’re thrilled to have World of Speed open in our own back yard.” Said Modern-Artifacts founder Jeff Meyers. “Especially as it gives us the opportunity to showcase both our one-off commissioned work and a limited edition piece.”

Handcrafted in Portland, these sculptures have a labored patina of rusty steel, bronze, hand-formed neon, programmed LEDs, motorized elements and even audio components. 

For World of Speed, Modern-Artifacts was commissioned to build two unique pieces: The first was a tribute to Craig Breedlove’s Spirit of America land speed record holder that went 526.277 mph in 1964. The 3D interactive display features lights, neon, the authentic sound of the car’s jet engine and an amazing crackle tube that illustrates the effects of the car’s jet exhaust—something that kids love.

The second commissioned piece, an interactive robot called Ignito, was designed to be educational and enjoyed by kids of all ages. This hand-cranked display illustrates how a four-cycle gasoline engine works: Basically, it’s suck, squish, bang, push. Kids can also press the “start” button and watch the gauges work and lights flash as Ignito talks.

The third piece, celebrating 100 years of racing at Bonneville, is one of Modern-Artifacts limited-edition pieces. Measuring 30w x 28h inches, this tribute to the Salt Flats would be cool in any garage, man cave, restaurant, bar or even home.

“Having our artwork on display at World of Speed is a great endorsement.” Said Meyers. “It proves that neon is alive and well and has a special place in the heart of Americans.”

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