Thursday, February 11, 2016

Koolhouse Display Bldg 5, 2016 Grand National Roadster Show

Every year we do our utmost to bring you the best representation of hot rods and customs in our Koolhouse sponsored Customs & Rodz display at the annual Grand National Roadster Show.

This year we were pleased to present six cars, one pedal car and one motorcycle for the NIFTY FIFTIES show theme. Of our total 8 show entries, 4 were judged and all of those won Class Awards  proving we know how to pick 'em.  Watch for upcoming features on those winning cars and many others we scouted on site.

Congratulations to  Steve Carpenter for his "Blue Magic" Nova Gasser, Mike Bello and Eddie Cardoso for their winning Bello Customs Fleetline "La Pachanga", Mike Garner for his two wins:  "The Caribbean" (our former CKD Magazine feature car) and also his Keith & Dick Dean built 1948 Cadillac "Trilogy" (with help from Oz Welch and paint by Richie Valles.) Koolhouse staff member Anna Marco won a trophy for her "Wild Child/ Ed Roth Tribute" pedal car (built by Tom Cunningham and Chilin). Robert Williams loved that one!

Cant wait to see what next year's show theme will be but you can bet we will have the nicest cars parked in our building (#5).  And it just might be yours!

A BIG Thanks to all our guest particpants for bringing their custom rides to the event: Rico Novachik, Eric & Rick Erickson, Tim McNulty, Mike Bello, Eddie Cardoso, Mike & Rita Garner, Steve Carpenter, Keith & Kelly Dean & The South End Kustom crew. Check out Mitch Hines, grandson of famed  leadslinger Bill Hines, getting sandwiched between  RodzDeluxe Gals Alyssa Aluure & Hailey Rose. The Rodz & Customz life is a good one isnt it?

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