Friday, February 12, 2016


With so many beautiful customs and show rods debuting at local events, we decided to pick our Favorite 10 from the Grand National Roadster Show and call them the KOOLHOUSE KOOL 10. While some of these dont fit the criteria of our magazine, we still thought they were KOOLHOUSE KOOL and deserve a mention.  The cars that do fit our criteria (pre 1968) will be seen in the pages of our two magazines: OL SKOOL RODZ & CAR KULTURE DELUXE. Watch for it!

Thank you to all the owners and  automotive industry professionals who dedicate their time and efforts to keep these beauties on the road and away from the crusher. We appreciate YOU!

Check these babies out: from gasser pedal cars to Mickey Thompson's Vette to the Hetfield/Dore/De Lay "Aquarius" to a unique VW bug with a trailer. Mighty fine, mighty fine....indeed! Watch for full show coverage in the next issue of CAR KULTURE DELUXE MAGAZINE!

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